Trading charges

Hey guys,

If i put in an MIS SL-M order for options for 10 lots:

Case 1: 10 lots each executed at a seperate price ( single order, but got filled at different prices )

Case 2: whole order got executed at the same price

Acc to zerodha bkg calculator:

Charges for 1 lot: 1 point
Charges for 10 lots: 0.4 points

So question is will the charges in case 1 and 2 be same? (0.4 points/Lot) or Case 1 charges will be more?

SL-M order is not allowed in stock option due to illiquid risk. If you are referring to index options, brokerage is flat Rs. 20 per executed order irrespective of number of trades. Each trade will be consider as individual order in BO product type.

Yes talking about index option, MIS entry with SL-M order and exit too with SL-M order…what will happen then? Case 1 will have higher charges or Case 1 and 2 both will have same charges? @Arockiya_Raja

yes, same. Number of trade does not matter, only order do.

Okay thanks @Arockiya_Raja