Trading Derivatives in USA from India


How ?, What setup? Explain in detail.


If I have rental income in USD from a US property can I use it to trade abroad?


Bro can people living in USA temporarily can trade in derivatives?


Just trading in US indices is not enough for most of us, it’s about liquidity and their margin system at least for me. Regarding requesting RBI, it’s a much bigger complicated matter (Read LRS to understand) than just requesting RBI. India cannot afford this much money leaving India which impacts the economy as well as the exchange rates. one of the few reasons that I could understand. There might me a dozen more reasons for these rules.


But only if you leave India with a immigrant Visa like student or work visa, that makes you a NRI.
So yes NRI can trade in US.

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What do you mean by derivatives, do you mean normal stocks?
Well interactive brokers allows to do intraday trading of us stocks only using cash account, well what I found from asking an expert, they say its legal.


Hlo Namit bro can we open an tdameritrade account in India


Please replay bro it’s urgent my number 8919873945


Yes, TD ameritrade will open an account for you, with proper formalities, but you’ve to take care of RBI laws.


What are the laws bro that I need to take care of


Please go through the thread, everything is mentioned above discussion.


Suhel bro you should not post contact number it may be deleted ,fiscal Laws are Very strict better trade in Indian markets