Trading in commodities? Need help please

Hello everyone I’m mahesh from chennai. I’m new to zerodha and new to commodity trading. My question here is,

  1. if we place the order in crudeoil will it get placed instantly ?

  2. How about the brokerages and is there any hidden charges ? using Software charges ?

  3. Does cash withdrawal can take place in saturday since most pvt banks operate in saturdays ?

  4. For eg. I’m having 2000 in my trading account, they said some xx times is the leverage and hence in trading with a sum of 2000, how many mini and mega lots i can buy/sell ( applicable to all commodities ).

  5. Do they have hidden charges ? Can’t believe the 20 per trade. Previously i traded with icici and the brokerage is too heavy for a small time trader.

  6. I stay in chennai …is that possible to see the company office in chennai in person and then open the account there, if satisfied ??? I’m not interested to open in online.

  7. Do they provide any training in classes or they have any partners outside who provide training ??

  8. Call and trade is free or chargeable ??

  9. Suppose my area had a power failure or BSNL broadband not working…Is that possible to go to the zerodha office and place my orders sitting next to the customer care agents ?

  10. Finally how is your experience with zerodha so far, please list your Pro and Cons. Thank you. I appreciate it.

1. Yes of course instantly. 

2. No software charges, all other charges here:, nothing  hidden. :)

3. Currently not possible on Saturday/Sunday 

4. You can see this here: NRML margin is what is required for overnight positions, MIS for intraday. 

5. I have answered here on why so less we charge. 

6. Yes of course you can walk into our office and open an account. 

7. The sales person will give you demo. We have one of the most popular education initiatives in varsity

8. Rs 20 extra for every call n trade. 

9. No, our offices doesn't have dealing terminals like traditional  brokers. You can call n trade. 

10. Will let others answer.