Trading in International Markets

I am an office goer from 9 AM to 6 PM IST.

Can I day trade in the US/Austrialian/Japanese/German Markets?

My Aim is to trade at Night (Or Early Morning) when I’m free.
(Please suggest an alternative in case you have one).


you can trade in Indian markets , commodity segments . Its open till 11 PM.

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MCX is open till 11.30 now. The timings vary depending on USA daylight saving time settings.

For equity markets if you can set up an automated system you can trade even if you are not watching.

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In usa market there is PDT rule
There is remittance rule of RBI
You cannot trade derivatives in usa n other market

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You can trade but not in Derivatives. Indians are not allowed to trade in overseas derivatives. If you want to trade in stocks, go for it

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