Trading in other exchanges

There are nearly 29 exchanges in India . Is the any way i can trade in other exchanges ? Not only through zerodha but also with other brokers… For example if I wanted to trade in Calcutta Stock Exchange what should I do ?

As per this article, trading on CSE has been suspended for the last 7+ years

Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE) continues to stare at uncertain future when two major bourses in the country are gearing up for Muhurat Trading to mark the beginning of Samvat 2076. The stock exchange in the city enters into the seventh year of trading suspension after the capital market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), had barred trading at C-Star (the online platform of CSE), for non-compliance of clearing and settlement norms.

Currently, SEBI recognizes 9 stock exchanges in India (CSE is one of them but trading remains suspended). The list is accessible here. There is a page on Fyers website which lists the exchange memberships of various large brokers in India (MCX-SX is for Metropolitan Stock Exchange and NCDEX is for National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited)

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