Trading of Arvindf-RE shares

If I buy Arvindf-RE from market, I should apply for rights before 17th of this month or I need to dispose off these ArvindfRE shares in the market before 17th

RE trading period is until 13th July and timeline to apply for issue is until 17th July. If you don’t want to apply for issue you will have to sell on or before 13th July.

You can read more on this post Rights Issue - Arvind Fashions

I had 71 shares of Arvind fashion RE on 9th and sold 20 shares out of 71 shares held by me on 10th. Today Isaw my DP holding balance was seen as nill.You informed me that I can trade these shares till 13th. Please inform me why the holding balance shows “0” now?

You can create ticket here for support related queries.

Now after almost 7 months i received a letter from geojit SGB cannot be transfered from NSDL to CDSL.Please send your mail address or contact details to send you their communication with circulars.

Vasanth kumar shenoy