Trading on foreign exchange

as per lrs indians are not allowed to trade on any foreign exchange .will the same rule is applied to llp ?

Yep same rule applies. You can’t take money out of India and use it for speculation or any margined product.

one more question not related to this topic .as per your experience in market ,suppose two separate companies listed one on u.s. markets one in nse say after 5 years of inveatment both companies have similar growth during the same period ,on which stock my capital will be appreciated more ?

one cannot say, its speculative. Depends on how USD-INR has trended

hmm… it depends on the stock/industry/macro of our country/etc. But generally companies in developing economies are valued more if they get it right because of the growth opportunities. For example HDFC Bank is the most expensive bank (in terms of valuations) in the world.

thanx for your answer and sorry i forget to ask about taxation .As per new rules long term capital gains are now taxed at 10% ,will it be the same for investment in us markets or it will be taxed at higher rates?

Taxed as per you income tax slab