Trading platform


As I thinking about buying a trading platform may be Amibroker as MT4 is not allowed. could you guys please suggest which platform would be good? Also will that help reducing issues we face with Kite and PI? Is Amibroker works seamless with Zerodha and reduce issues like we face in PI and Kite? please guide. thanks

hElLO tRaDeR,

" help reducing issues we face with Kite and PI? :

Opting to choose a third party terminal like the MT4, Amibroker, etc comes with its own roadblocks, like:

1) Orders not fired over the bridge or api.

2) Forking out extra money on buying the platform and renting the api or bridge plugins.

3) Hefty monthly charges for leasing data to use with the platform.

4) Acquiring different programming knowledge to get the whole thing working.

5) Configuring and reconfiguring a whole set of inter related bridges, api, terminals, commands and new languages is a tedious process by itself.

Considering the advancement what Pi has made, still using MT4, amibroker or any other retail trading terminals is a concept of " The other side must be always greener"

Use​ for charting. I find it really nice with several custom indicators.

Kite is unstable and just doesn’t work when volume surges. Zerodha has not tested it properly and need to fix all issues. Pi is quite stable. ​

Thanks for replying, so what could the best option? I just use support, resistance and Pivot line while trading. But recently I am facing lot of issues with bracket order like it’s not getting executed, not able to modify etc. do you suggest me to use normal SL order, basically looking for some reliability? which one is more stable you think Kite or PI?

If you are a daytrader, it is advisable to use Pi. Bracket orders and Cover orders are good in theory when it comes to practicality it has its own set of limitations . The old style manual stop loss order is preferable.