Trading Set Up for Banknifty on 20/09/2019

1. SET UP to Trade Nifty Bank.

  • Trend:
  • Bank Nifty's bullish trend seems exhausting now. Here seller/supply try to make a comeback & demand also gets reduce on rising.
  • Market set up:
  • Today Bank Nifty Force set up is Not Supportive for Selling. So, Today is Bad set up to Sell. You should Avoid Selling.
  • Bottom Line :
  • The Trend is Up, But it is end of uptrend. The Trend can change itself to downside Today.>>Bad set up to Sell.

    2. Sentiments

    • Global markets:
    • Dow Jones future is Flat to Positive & Hang Seng is Flat to Positive.
    • What is on News/TV
    • Govt is worsning the status quo as bad effort for market push. 10am Press confrance- wating till that time.
    • Positive News-flow::
    • Negative News-flow::
    • FM speech show Failure of PSU bank. After FM event, Market is selling off. Nifty Breach aug low-FII is haisotical low!
    • Bottom Line:
    • Sentiments is Mild Positive. Sentiments are not supportive of on going Trend.

    3. Game Theory ( Tug of war between Buyer & Seller)

    • From where New Buying comes?
    • A.Since sentiments are Mild Positive, the Outside Trader will Buy with very Mild Force.
    • From where new selling come?
    • A.Since Sentiments are Mild Positive, Outside Trader may Go short on Rise Only. B. Trader's with Long Position- "No chance" for Long unwind today.
    • Will there be support from buyers buys on dips?:
    • There may not be any support from Buyer as most of them have bougalreadyedy are IN the market.

    4. what I am going to do today (In bank nifty)

    • Set Up:
    • Today Bank Nifty Force set up is Not Supportive for Selling. So, Today is Bad set up to Sell. You should Avoid Selling.
    • Sentiments:
    • SentIments is Mild Positive.
    • Trading Edge:
    • My Today Trading edge points clubbing Setup & Sentiments is -42 Point. Today, I 'don't have Any Edge', So I will ' Not Trade Today'.
    • Entry on Edge:
    • Sell- When BN is above 26942.65
    • Exit on Fair price:
    • Fair Price for Today's Trade is at least 26692.65
    • Stoploss:
    • One you get a entry, You should follow 70/100 point stoploss, without fail.
      It's Significant intellectual property & New way to Analyse the Market which use Unconventional Instruments Like Behaviour Finance & Game Theory for getting clear & Unbies idea for Traders.

    Abhikumar Patel

    All Analysis works on Normal trading days when the actions by participant are based on statistics.
    No Analysis works on breaking news day, you have to respect all market action.

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