Trading stocks, F&O, commodity in Kannada on Kite - Brilliant

Saw the tweet with the below image, logged into Kite in Kannada, placed some commodity trades. Amazing user experience. Thanks a lot. 

I have a question though, when logged in how do I change language from Kannada back to English? 

I also have a question, have seen that you share restful API's for kite, how do I get access to this? Can retail clients use the API for placing orders? 

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Hey Nikith,

See the red color language selection option on the left bottom corner. Click English on that to switch back to English :slight_smile:


As Venu said, we will have the switching the language from within your login.

API’s can’t be used by retail for automating, it is a dark grey area in terms of regulations. What we are looking at by offering Kite API’s is that anyone can build their own trading platform, get it approved at the exchange, and start your own brokerage in no time at all. Zerodha will take care of all the backend work.

Once you login, that thing stops showing up. I guess I have to logout to log back into a different language. Not a great user experience.

Let’s see if we can give you the option of switching languages within the login. Will pass on the feedback to the tech team :slight_smile:

Has the option for changing the interface language been removed from Kite? I asked because I couldn’t see the option for changing the language shown in the above screenshot any longer. Any chances it would be introduced again?


No, not seen even 1 in 10k using those.

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