Trading Strategies with high RoI

Attached is the mail that I had got. They promise 400+% return per year.

What are they upto? Please let me know your opinion. Why does so many companies do this? Do they think traders are fools? Are there people in market who buy such things?



Its a scam. If he could make 400% returns Year on year, why would he be selling you tips at 2000/months? Tipsters just make you believe that their tips work. I read a very nice article explaining how tipsters work:

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Thumbrule is that anything that PROMISES return more than the bank is a scam. Though possible, no one can guarantee it.

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Thanks, Very nice article indeed.
I wonder why all these companies are in Indore??
I always ignore such trade tips, off late i have been getting about 4 calls per day and about 8 of 10 such calls are from Indore!!
Is there a way we can complaint to some authority like SEBI to stop this menace?

True…The only way I can think of is to register your number on DND and then report such numbers to TRAI

Nice read. Thanks Sameer.
Special thanks to Karthik for writing that article.

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