Trading when there are huge orders


I have observed sometimes that there are extremely large limit orders…and wondering how to take advantage of that…

for example, on friday, 6th Nov… havells had buy quantities of over 10000 at price levels of 662 and 663 exactly. … you can see the movments between 1 pm and 2 pm… however, though there was such a huge buy order, the stock crashed by almost 10 points after that…

I have seen such buy orders and the stock move up as well…similarly on the sell side also… anyone else noticed this…?? if yes. how do you trade when you see these orders?

its all fake orders , dont see all that…

It’s not that they are fake orders , thing is that it is difficult to draw meaningful conclusions from them.

yea true , not all are fake orders ,but few are .

If Its A Sell Order Put A Short Just A Tick Below That Order.
If Its A Buy Order Put A Buy Just A Tick Above That Order.

But you can’t always say that the orders are legit. they might be there to trick you. like someone wants to buy a big amount, so they put in a sell order that is actually cancelled before its executed. so people might think that there is a big short waiting. but actually that person might want to get liquidity for getting his big buy order executed.