Trading with job

I want to pursue full time trading. I have a back tested verified strategy. I’m confident I have the temperament for it.

But I need a stable income as well.

Are there any jobs out there that would allow me to pursue Options trading with full time employment??

Most jobs I’ve applied for have restrictions on derivatives trading - at most they allow mutual funds - that too with pre approvals.

If anyone knows of any kind of job profiles that would allow derivatives trading - without restrictions - please do share

Thank you in advance.


no employer will want their employees to deviate to something during work hours.

If I were the employer, I ld not give the responsibilities, to someone who ll gamble.

So options remaining -

  1. prop firms ( haven’t heard much in the country)
  2. take the back tested strategy and with your temperament forward it LIVE, and mint money.

Karan, Did one of your prospective employers require their pre approval for your Personal Mutual Fund Investing? What job profile is this? Is it some Trading or Investment firm?


Yes , I applied to mostly AMCs or Investment Banks. Got the jobs too but again , faces this challenge of having to give up trading.
Obviously most finance companies will not allow its employees to trade derivatives.

But even some non finance companies have restrictions , which is why I asked the question to gain clarity on the matter.

That makes sense. Interesting.
I think if you ask any company if you can do personal business like Trading while on the job, they will object.
And I suppose some AMC and prop firms may have higher restrictions, like not allowing any trading at all. Objecting to MF investment is surprising though…