Trailing stop didn't work

I shorted NSE:IDEA at 73.60 today with 0.45 as initial stoploss and 1.0 as trailing stop loss.
The price moved to 72.50, yet the stoploss trigger remained at 74.10.

  1. Shouldn’t the stop have updated to 73.60 when the price reaches 72.60 for the first time?

  2. Is there a way to pick a trailing stop of less than rupee 1?

Also, is this forum correct place to get this query answered? Else please suggest whom/where to contact.

your stoploss at the time of execution, should be 73.6+.65=74.25
after one point desired movement it should have modified to 74.25-1=73.25

did you check what was your stoploss while order execution, there could be some typing mistake.

if you are sure of your numbers tag nithin

Can create ticket here.

Thanks for correcting. It was a typo. Original stoploss was 0.45
Iam placing the orders via kite connect API from a CSV file. Doubt it was a typing mistake.