Trailing stop loss and SL-M in Futures

One trivial question:

Assume, I buy Nifty futures today (NRML) at 10100 with a SL of 10050.
Assume nifty doesnt hit the SL today and I hold it overnight.

  1. How can I update the stop-loss overnight AMO? Is it possible? Or can it be done only next day?
  2. If answer for the first question is, yes, Can I use SL-M for the stop loss to protect me from gap down opening tomorrow?
  3. If SL-M is possible, can it protect me incase of a blackswann event?


Not possible

You are prone to whatever price it opens tomorrow

Not related to this topic but a question of general knowledge. This term was used first time in stock market in 2008 crisis. Since then it is being used for a huge gap down openings or sudden fall in market.
Can we use this term for a huge gap -up opening as its literally meaning is “something unexpected”.

thank you. So without buying a far OTM PE option you cannot be sure that you will survive a black swan?

Going by movie Black Swan, it has negative connotation i think

Going by what I have read in the last few months, a huge gap-up will be followed by selling pressure. GREED.
a huge gap-down will be followed by further selling pressure - PANIC.
So …

again … i am a newbie :slight_smile: