Trailing Stop Loss and SL order in BO

I have bought GBPINR futures @87.47 with a SL of 0.1000 and trailing SL of 0.0500 .thrice it went above 87.5200 but my SL didn’t moved to 87.42 from 87.37. why?

Secondly, whenever i tries to change SL (in BO)manually with few points, in abv case 0.500 (i.e 87.37 to 87.42), it didn’t changed and showed the message “invalid price for cds” why?

This makes a profitable position into loosing one. and doesn’t serve a purpose of Trailing Stop Loss at all.

I already have send this message to Support team, but got no reply yet from them.

I have not received any feedback from support team yet.