Trailing stop loss in zerodha

I understand why zerodha cancelled bracket order, but I don’t understand why zerodha is not giving trailing stop loss feature in it’s app

But I don’t understand why BO is cancelled in Zerodha.

I just get their response that BO can triggered tgt and SL simultaneously. What if I understand the risk, and so far my BO’s, haven’t came across this double execution. Maybe for people who keep their sl so closed with their tgt. Let them suffer.

This doesn’t explain though, why?

Anyway, BO is given in all other brokers, fyers BO is nice.

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Explained here.

Explained here.

How can one use GTT for intraday mis cash?
How is the problem solved exactly?

GTT never equals BO.

Problem solved with other brokers. Anyway, thank you.

If you really need trailing, and Z as of now stopped BO and trails long back. You can checkout aliceblue (web), which has trailing options

or fyers (web)

respective mobile versions

Yes true, target and sl might not get executed if they are way away from each other
I think @NithinKamath and Zerodha can allow bracket order by making it mandatory to maintain a certain range between target and stop loss and this range or difference between target and sl can be calculated by zerodha every day according to market situation.