Trailing Stop Loss

If I bought Nifty at 6800 and kept a stop loss of 20 points with a trailing tick of 5 points, if the market moves +40 points automatically stop loss moves as per the trailing tick, but if market falls -20 points from there, will stop loss get executed then or as per my original price?

The trailing SL trails when the market moves in your favor and doesn’t go down when market goes against you, then there is no point of trailing SL right?

So in your example, U have bought Nifty at 6800 and SL of 6780, if Nifty goes to 6805 (5 points) your SL becomes 6785, so this way when Nifty goes to 6840, the SL would have trailed all the way up to 6820.

Now if Nifty comes down to 6820, your SL will get executed at 6820 and ensuring that you don’t end up losing on this trade.


How to do it automatically in NEST Trader? I mean how to insert trailing S/L in NEST Trader?

We have launched this for the first time in India, check this, it explains how to:

Can this be done in the browser version?

Not for now micochn, only on the desktop.