Trailing stoploss

Trailing stoploss facility is in bracket orders only. Why can’t we have trailing stop loss in regular order also. What if I am in a profit trade but don’t want to set any target. Wait till market chngs trend.

@praveen_soni Yes You Also Have Facility Of Setting Trailing Stoploss In Regular Order Also. But For That You Have To Need To Put Another Order For Stoploss And Has To Modify According To Your Strategy For Trail Stoploss.

Example.:- For Example You Buy 100 Shares Of Reliance @ 899 And Want To put Stop @ 890 First You Have To Give Buy Order And Once Your Buy Order IS Executed You Have To Give A Sell Order In Which You Have To Select SL (stoploss ) Order For Putting Stoploss.
And If The Price Goes Above Your Buy Price Here Say The PRice Goes To 910 You Can Modify Your Stoploss And Trail It Whenever You Want.

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I was talking of automatic trailing stoploss just like we get in bracket orders.

No in normal order their is no automatic trail Stop-loss available just like in bracket order

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Correct now you got me. Actually what happens I set stoploss but never set target. I want to book max profit in trade. But sometimes trend suddenly change and eats up gud amount of profit. That’s why I was asking for trailing stoploss in regular order.

It’s not possible to trial automatic in regular Order Type.
You need to trail it manually by updating each time as the trade Goes into your favour.

So once it goes to 910 …one has to manually modify original stop of 890 to 910? or we can change it to anything in between 890 to 910 ?

You can change it to anything from 890 to 910.

@ShubhS9 @siva
Yes, There is no trailing stop loss facility in regular orders. Its very necessary feature. Only available in BO or cover orders.