Trailing stoploss

Good day everyone,

i have a question regarding trailing stop-loss. On a particular script while trading intraday, i had shorted 200 shares at 215. 05, used a stop loss of 216. 05 and kept buying target at 205. 05, i could see the script moving in my favor till 212. 05 and then it reversed the trend, i was expecting the share to be automatically bought at 213. 05 as i had also mentioned a 20 tick i. E 1 point in a trailing stop-loss in my bracket order, but nothing happened and i had to modify the order to reduce the loss, i couldn’t see any profits booked, please address to my query, i tend to make mistakes even though i read a lot of blogs.

The trailing should happen if you have entered correctly … write to [email protected] with your query

Hello MK,

Even I faced the same problem.

I had placed a Stop-loss in Absolute points and assuming the trailing SL to be in ticks, I had given number of ticks. The SL order was not modified even though the position moved in my favor as the trailing ticks should have also been in absolute points.

In short, if you have selected Absolute option for SL order, your trailing amount should be also in absolute number of points.

Please make sure you had not made the above mistake.



thank u AlgoGeek, will do the same