Training platform

Suggeston is can Zerodha have a training platform … It could be chargeable … but could be if immense help for newcomers like me

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New comers can start with varsity . It has great information to start with.

You can’t practice f and o .by just reading

And the GURU’s who give training does it only on weekends and only while the exchanges are closed.

You are better off with Varsity, at least the Dakshina stays in your pocket.

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Use virtual stocks by icicidirect for practicing Nifty and bank Nifty
Free and Fair and very real time

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Do we need to sign up , or anyone can access it. Sounds interesting, will check it out.

Just sign up with google account.
I have made multiple accounts with them to test various Nifty trading strategies


Thank you

Hehehe. Good one

in general, learning platforms in and of themselves are good, but don’t provide what the real market can provide. Of course newbies should spend some time on them, but just as theory.