Transaction Charges

Will there be a difference in the charges if I execute 2 orders at the same price?
Example- I buy 10 shares at Rs100

Case 1: Place 1 order for 10 shares at Rs110
Case 2: Place 2 orders for 5 shares each at Rs110

Will the charges be different in both cases or same?

For intraday equity, we charge 0.03% or Rs 20 whichever is lower per executed order. So in this example, charges will be same in either of the case.

But assume

Case 1: 1 order for 1000 shares at Rs 110 (Brokerage will be Rs 20)
Case 2: 2 orders of 500 shares at Rs 110 ( Brokerage will be Rs 15 (0.03% of 500 x Rs110) + Rs 15 = Rs 30).

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In case of delivery, whatever be the quantity or CMP, the charges will be same right?

Ah, yeah for delivery trades we don’t charge any brokerage. So it will be the same.

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And what about other charges, the taxes and all?
They are all in percentage terms, so I guess they wouldn’t make a difference?

Yep, no difference there as well.

Cool, thanks!