Transfer funds to trading a/c

i want to transfer funds to trading account for investment in direct MFs through COIN. Is it possible to do on March 1 as its a trading holiday but RTGS operates 24x7…further i would invest in liquid funds on March 2… when would they reflect in my demat account and secondly can they be pledged for F&O trades ? whats i the process for creating pledge

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AFAIK fund transfer can be done anytime

will i see the funds immediately ? for example today also

Yes, you can transfer funds anytime to your trading account.

If you place the order before cut-off time (12 pm for liquid and overnight schemes) the units will be alloted and credited to your Demat account by end of the day. You can pledge them the next day.

You can check out the list of securities that can be pledged here.

Explained here.