Transfer into Coin

I want to transfer all of my mutual fund investments into Coin. How much will I be charged if I transfer my existing mutual funds into Coin?

If you have your Mutual fund investments in DEMAT form, you can easily transfer them to Coin via a DIS slip. Charges may be levied by your current broker to transfer your investments. Click here to know the procedure for making the transfer.

If your holdings are in Physical form then you have to dematerialize these funds and then transfer to us. Refer to this article for the detailed procedure to dematerialize your mutual funds and move them to Coin.

Charges for dematerialization is Rs 150 + Rs 100 courier charges. For ELSS funds it will be Rs 150 per date of investment. However, as part of a promotional offer, there will be no charge to dematerialize your mutual fund investments and transfer them to Coin up to Oct 31st, 2018.

If you have invested in regular mutual funds - DEMAT or physical form, the best option is to exit those funds and repurchase it again on Coin, instead of dematerializing your regular mutual fund investments.