Transfer of penny stock BSE penny share

I wish to transfer online share from my demate account of SSJ finance to Zerodha ltd.
I do wish to closing account with SSJ finance who are not cooperating for closer of account.
Kindly advise me how can I 1. transfer my BSE shate petty worth Rs.3000 online and how to close demate account of SSJ finance will you kindly guide with easy sweet way.

there are 2 ways you can do . (1) Get a demat account closer form and give a closer application to SSJ with request to transfer all holdings to Zerodha .this step will not incur you any charges (2) trasnfer your holding through a DIS but this will incur charges based on per ISIN and even if there is zero scrip in your demat with SSJ ,amc will be applicable every time.
BEST is to close the account with SSJ and you have to be firm with your decision with them.