Transfer of shares from one Broker to other without DIS slip ( through CDSL easieasiest login)


Is it possible to transfer shares from one demat account to other via CDSL easieasiest login and without giving DIS slip
in short directly through CDSL Website can i transfer my shares to zerodha

I have trading account with SMC Global and depository is CDSL ( CDSL easieasiest login is available)
i have trading account with Zerodha and depository is CDSL ( CDSL easieasiest login is available)

Is there any way to transfer shares online from NSDL to CDSL?
CDSL Easiest trusted account

Yes, transfer of shares between two Demat accounts is possible using CDSL Easiest. In this case, your SMC Global broker has to authenticate your Easiest registration. Once authenticated, you will have the POA(Power of Attorney) over your SMC Demat account and you can initiate share transfers to other DPs.
There are charges associated with CDSL Easiest registration.

Here is the Easiest FAQ pdf you could use as a reference while registering, authenticating and transferring shares from one broker to another.


I understood by registering for easiest, we can do share transfer to trusted demat accounts. Is there any charges for registering for or using easiest?


When you register for easiest, the broker loses the POA over your Demat which would mean that you cannot sell shares from your holdings using your trading platform because the broker will no longer be able to debit your shares from Demat. You will now have the POA over Demat as a result of which you will be able to transfer shares using easiest, but this will be a hassle for you in many ways, not advisable. DIS is best for share transfers.

Yes, charges apply got easiest registration.


If you are planning to close SMC account, ypu xan just fill the closure form and mention Zerodha demat details in Target account section. All ur holdings will get transferred for FREE and your SMC account will get closed.


You are not absolutely correct. The link for charges that you have provided is for obtaining e-token (USB token based digital certificate) through CDSL that is required for easiest with account of choice transfer. Check the FAQ in details. Digital signature obtained from other CA can also be used. That will be cheaper. For trusted a/c transfer, according to the FAQ there is no additional charge.


Cant the broker have the POA even after registration of Easiest ? I mean when most of the things are done electronically, why go the manual time consuming route.


i do give sold shares to my broker through NSDL speed e facility and the charges are rs 15 per ISIN plus
18% gst from 1 may 2018 .before this time the charges were rs 10 per ISIN plus is very easy ,convenient and 24 hours available facility.


Good To know.