Transfer of shares

Hey people. My father has physical shares of few companies which are worth 7-8Lakhs today. He has them in physical form. I don’t get the dividend on them also. My father has expired 5years back. Can I transfer them to my name and get them demat. If so how ? Anyone who can help me. I’m from Hyderabad.

Yes it can be done in zerodha

Is there a will? Or. Nomination in ur name?

If so then contact the respective company’s share agents. This info should be there on the company website.

If not, u need to get a succession certificate from the competent civil court & submit these to the company’s share agents to transfer into your name & then demat it

In hyderabad, this is at the City civil court, near Chatta bazaar.
Contact a lawyer.

Once u get shares transferred to u then contact company about pending dividends.

Once transferred to u, send the share certificates to Zerodha alongwith required demat forms.
Contact customer care for these forms.