transfer of shares

Both my parents are no more, my father hold some shares . Now i want to change it in my name, i am the only child of my parents. What are the procedures

You will require the death certificate of your parents and the will if available or succession documents from the Court (consult a lawyer). You should write to the company/share transfer agent of your company and they will send the required formats for you to fill alongwith a list of documents you’ll require to submit.

Hope this helps you. Cheers.

Hey @samarjitdasgupta

If your father had an account with Zerodha, the procedure to transfer them to your name is explained here.

If the shares were with another broker, you should contact them to find out the procedure.

If your father had physical shares, refer this article.

@samarjitdasgupta : not clear if the shares are in physical form or demat form. if the shares are in demat form, make it clear if the same are with some broker owned demat or independent DP like SHCL ,or cooperative /nationalized bank . a lot also depends on total market value of shares and you might need to get a succession certificate too .since you are the only child of deceased parents ,it should not be difficult if you engage a good lawyer to do so.