Transfering shares to Zerodha demat


I have some 5000 shares of a pharma company which I hold in Kotak. I want to pledge these with zerodha and get the margin to trade f&o.

  1. How do I transfer this to zerodha ? First open a demat account with zerodha ? Whats the step by step process ?
  2. Can I transfer only part of this (say 3000 shares) and pledge them ?
  3. How many days should it take from opening of account, transfer of share to getting the pledged margin ?

Before you transfer the shares you will have to open account with Zerodha, the process for the same has been explained here.

One you have opened your account there are two methods through which you can transfer shares to your Zerodha account, one is offline DIS Slip method, the process has been explained here.

The other is using online method using CDSL Easiest, if your Demat account with other broker is from CDSL, you can use this method. You can learn all about CDSL Easiest here.

You can transfer as many shares as you want.

Once the account is opened, it depends on which share transfer method you chose, DIS Slip method can take around 2 to 4 working days, if you use CDSL Easiest the transfer will happen much more quicker.

Okay, and can you explain the step by step process of pledging ? Once transfer is done, how much time should that take ?

The process for pledging shares has been explained here.

Good day,

What are the charges for transfer of shares via cdsl easiest?

Assume I am having shares on Edelweiss account of xyz company purchased at Rs 150 today the share is trading at 500.i would like to transfer these shares to Zerodha via CDSL EASIEST. will there be any changes in my shares after transfer. Will my AVg buy price remain the same I.e Rs 150. And the profits in the share i am currently holding? Will it remain the same?

The off-market transfer charges are Rs. 25 or 0.03% of the transfer value, whichever is higher.

When you transfer your shares, you will be able to manually enter the price at which you bought the shares, the process has been explained here.

But the profits will remain the same after shares are transferred to another account?