Treasury Bills orders

I have bought Treasury Bills 3 month ago with rs 10000 today it get matured but didn’t received single rs extra. So, could anyone guide me about this …
Is it waste of money to invest in treasury bill.
After long wait of 3 month didn’t receive single rupee.
Help me on this.

Guess your buy price would be less than 10k as T bills are discounted instruments, means you buy at discount may to 3 to 4% per annum basis, so if yield if 4% per annum then per quarter it will be 1% so in this case you might have bought at 99 ie 9900 and on expiry you would make face value which is 100 or 10k as in your case.

but on zerodha t bills can’t be purchased for less than 10k?? How can he buy for 9.9k??

Face value of 10k and not traded price.

t bills are risky… are risk-free…?

how can I understand this t-bill

  1. 91-bills which

100 units means 10000 I will pay but below price I was entered zerodha broker was not allowing to purchase

sorry for my english