Trend lines vs horizontal S&R lines : Which one do you prefer?

Just want to know which one works best for you out of trend lines and horizontal S&R lines. From my experience, price can breach horizontal lines and may reverse so it can easily hit your stop loss which makes it a little unreliable whereas trend lines can hold the price with very good accuracy.

So what is your experience with it?

Note:- I am referring to manual horizontal S&R lines, not the Pivot points.

Well Friend you cannot compare one with another everyone has got their own strategies and are comfortable with both but as part of my strategy i try to use S & R lines manually but the problem with PI is that they should have given options to use the different colors for support and resistance lines the way they give options in the user setting for choosing candle color also the thickness of the s & r line should be up to the customer to choose that would have been more user friendly and avoided confusion will taking decision .But as of now just carry with what’s in stores and wait for the next update .