Trend of market

How do I know the direction of the market? Please advise

Roll a dice, open VIX chart then look at the last value, if it’s odd & matches the dice buy calls

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As till date i know, Nothing can tell you direction with certainty, be it indicator or even comprehensive knowledge and experience of someone.

It is just that on the basis of probability, we can take direction. To know the probability, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of and experience. You should be skilled enough to understand price behaviour, but once again, you can never come at certainity.

And that’s why risk management is the core factor to earn money from markets.

Everyone out there is trying to guess the market direction - be it a newbie or even a veteran with 30+ years experience.

There are no systems that can predict the direction with 100% accuracy, also highly recommend you not to believe if someone says they can predict.

Just understand one thing. FII / FPI are the strongest hands in markets. What are they doing. They cover both sides. They are not directional. Infact you can’t be directional. You can’t predict when the market sentiments change. You may get lucky to predict one or two times… but that’s about it.

Simply put…don’t predict market but time it. Be there to ride the move , whether it’s up or down.