Trend trading - Selecting stocks

Dear All - Im a beginner looking to star off with a trend trading strategy. I understand that for this strategy, it works best on non-conglomerate / non- diversified company stock.

I would now like to start reviewing charts of companies within NIFTY 50/100 that are non-conglomerate / non- diversified company stock on Kite.

Please let me know if there is a way to search such stocks or if I will need to scan each NIFTY 50/100 company and check for myself? (which seems very inefficient and cumbersome)

Any tips and tricks for this?

Any other trend trading tips are also more than welcome.

thanks in advance,

I think it would be better if you look at Nifty500 which comprises of different indices , use scanner with stocks moving with high volume , for the reference purpose here are some links for the scanner