Trending Option Analysis

How do I create top price movement Option Call or Put signals Intraday ? Can I create a scan or a program which can assist me for trading with these signals ?

If you want to scan and filter the results of top price movement of Option puts & calls, you have to program it with by capturing all the data streaming of required scrip symbols, and it is little complex. it can be achieved using API such as kite connect API,
For Sorting the top price movement options on real-time basis requires all the scrip symbols with data streaming and you should use some programming with python, C++ etc.,

If you just want to sort puts/calls options of selected contracts such as nifty puts/calls ( in the money etc) you can simply go to pi file menu use find option and search with nifty options, from here you add all the puts or calls list at a time into the market watch, and you can take this market watch list into the real time excel data and can do your analysis, yeah… Of-course it is a manual process.