Trident stock split 1:10


okay thank u,
@sabkaview and @dheeraj
then i think stock split and bonus is good for investors know…
but i also heard that, after stock split or bonus, the market price gradually decreases due to increase in liquidity of shares.
so i am confused a lot about it in this explanations.


Nothing particularly good or bad for investors. Also there is no such trend price increase or decrease after spit or bonus, trading continue as usual along with consideration for earning performance

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i am not a big fan of bonus or even split but long term capital appreciation .companies like Mrf ,Shree cement , page industries or for that matter Bosch (recently had a buyback ) rarely give bonus and even dividend distribution policy is very conservative but surely such shares have given huge very huge long term capital appreciation.
3M INDIA since public issue at rs 10 in year 1990 NEVER EVER GAVE DIVIDEND , no bonus , no rights ,no buyback but just look at the capital appreciation it has given !

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thanks for the clarification @sabkaview and @dheeraj


Ur views on trident stock becoming a multibagger…
@dheeraj @sabkaview


Not related to this topic hence i am creating a new topic UNUSUAL FACE VALUE SPLIT


Kindly share the link for that topic, thank u.

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