Triggering trade in options using technical indicator

If I need to trigger a alert or trade based on super trend indicator in Bank nifty options then it is not possible with Sentinel or Streak. Any other alternative method to achieve this?

  • Sentinel - “Super trend” indicator (or any other technical indicator) is not available in Sentinel
  • Streak - Super trend indicator is available but Bank nifty and nifty options are not available since back test of options is not possible.



Supertrend can be done on Bank nifty spot and Futures on Streak.
To do this, you can type “Nifty Bank” to get the stop and “BANKNIFTY” to see the futures.
We don’t support options, as backtesting and techincals algo on options cannot be done the same way it done equity and futures.


Thanks for the response. Looks like there is no alternative in Streak or Sentinel for this requirement.

Does anyone have other customized tool or other solution for below requirement

“Trigger alert or trade when super trend indicator goes positive for Bank nifty option” ?