Trouble brewing at Paytm? Three Senior executives quit the company

Three of the topmost executives have quit again at Paytm. Paytm has seen a lot of resignations even before IPO. The upper management doesn’t want to take responsibility and probably has no idea to how to reach the targets and goals the investors have set for them.

Three senior executives quit financial services firm Paytm, says report | Business Standard News (

The ex- COO of Paytm Mr Abhishek Arun seems to know when to jump off a sinking ship. He was associated with RBL, as Sr. VP Product Head and recently at Paytm. Makes me wonder if the senior management has no responsibility at all? They can quit anytime and leave. CEO can quit anytime. SO who will deliver on the lofty promises these startups are making?


In this episode of The Greater Fool Theory…

At least it’s a consolation that these gentlemen wait out the token Lock-in period before running for cover.

Wherever Softbank is involved the management is plagued with turmoil. There is a pattern forming here. What’s going on?

Meanwhile, SEBI shall turn a blind eye to all this and instead spend time and energy on fixing things that aren’t broken.