Trouble creating Expert Advisor

First time creating one. Have been trying for past few days. Thought it wasn’t creating cuz market was down. Tried when the market was up today but still wasn’t able to. I keep this error message. Need help resolving it. Want to check out EA.


@nithin help please

@AlgoGeek can u check.

Btw, @mubashir have u checked this

Yes I have. Will use the march free trial and check it out. Thanks :slight_smile:

Pi seems neglected in comparison to Kite. The EA feature in Pi is however something I want to test out.

can you check your network connection , also specify which you are getting this exactly? ( it is while accessing EA from artigicial intelligence menu? or while opening create EA window itself?)
if you are using restricted or proxy or office network, please check with other network once.

It was the net connection’s fault. I could see interactive and broadcast as green and could trade in net connection 1 but for some reason, it wouldn’t open EA. I used my cell to tether WiFi and its working fine with that. :slight_smile:

BTW error in net connection 1 was happening only to access the list of EA. It would save but I couldn’t access the list for edit or use. Had no problems with trade executions though. No idea why only EA data access was denied by my net connection 1.

yeah… some internet connections or proxy or restricted networks deny access to EA