TTM Wave Indicator

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I have recently seen some videos of John Carter and i kind of liked the TTM wave indicator there. Im actually using Amiboker for my charting now and i couldn’t find afls as it was designed for tradestation. I appreciate if someone provide me with that if they have.

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TTM wave indicator is a proprietary indicator. Even though i like JC for all his teachings, am not a big supporter of his trading education business. JC has been long accused of using simple non-patented indicators (like bollinger bands and keltner channels) to create a proprietary indicator and sell it for 1000’s of dollars. For eg:, his squeeze indicator is just a visual representation of keltner channel entering and leaving bollinger band. I remember someone named Rob created this wave indicator and JC aggressively started marketing it.

Well, if you like it, then i can give you some lead in this case To answer your question specifically, wave is just a mixture of MACD and exponential MA. You subtract exp MA value from MACD value for that particualr time frame and plot it as an histogram. Just play with exp MA and MACD numbers and you get wave in your hands. As it is proprietary, i do not want to indulge into further details.

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Thanks alot Madan. Im currently using squeeze in my trading and found it is not that profitable as i dont know where not to use it. Thanks for the info. I will work on it. :slight_smile:

Hello JagadeeshChandra

Can you please tell me how and where u got this indicator?