Turnover for f&o (options specifically)

for purpose of calculaing turnover for Non speculative transactions(F&O)

  • The total of favourable and unfavourable differences shall be taken as turnover
    -premium received on sale pf options is also to be included in turnover
    -in respect of any reverse trades entered, the difference thereon should also form part of the turnover

What is the 3rd point actually mean? can anyone give an example?



It refers to selling the future or entering the opposite side of a currently held position.

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@Quicko, can you please explain the 3rd point in detail, on how it should be interpreted?

Hey @Dkarthic ,

The third point you are referring to can be explained with a simple example. In a reverse trade, the option for example is sold at a premium of INR 10. The option is purchased at INR 8, which leads to a profit of INR 2. In this case, the turnover of options is INR 12 (profit+ premium the option is sold at)

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