Tutorials for learn trading in 2018?

I want to know which link (one or many) provide different types of tutorials for Learn trading in share market in 2018.
So after learning all tips & tricks, I can participate in 60 days challenge in Zerodha.

You can learn from zerodha varsity section.

Learning theory and live trading are totally different.

If you are beginner then you have to learn more.

Even people who are associated with market for years are Still learning.

Hope you learn from the trading with minimum loss.

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It goes the other way round.

Participate in the 60 day challenge with the intention to win. You will learn all the tips and tricks along the way.

Start trading with equity in smaller quantities, trade in 1 or 2 stocks, maintain a trading dairy, make a note of all your learnings, review your trades, increase quantity.

The trick is to be on the playing field and not in the audience.

If you want to participate in zerodha challenge beginners rarely wins.

But targeting zerodha challenge will teach you to learn trading with minimum loss.

Never target to win the challenge,you can focus to minimize the loss which will automatically lead you to win the challenge