Tweaks Of the Daily Basis F&O Strategy


I made a strategy and checked on the sensibull 9:30 AM []next Day], it shows profit. but software doesn’t tell you the tweaks it comes with.
Please help me to understand where it can go wrong.

Points Considered while making the Strategy :

  1. High Margin
  2. Bank Nifty Gap UP/Down 1 to 1.5 % ( 350- 500 Points)
  3. Entry at 3 PM
  4. Exit at 9:30 AM [Next day of the trade]

Expected Profit: Anything in Positive by 9:30 AM or Ride the trend [If market is sideways].

Stop Loss : Suggest ??

  1. Please help me to figure out what we can do?
  2. If possible adjustments ?


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Hi Pankushri

Feel honored that you have addressed your query to me. Unfortunately, have no clue on F&O and trading. I am a Investors, (Nitin says, all are traders), the ones who buy on cash segment and hold it.

Hope the experts will give you the right reply.

Take care


Some good insights shared here. Good Job. :+1:

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Omg… first of all I am not that great fno trader or so… just here and there… btw the strategy u have endeavoured looks brilliant… so I backtested it using stockmock but with some limitations as it doesn’t allow to go beyond atm +/- 1000 strikes… so I modified it to nearby strikes keeping payoff structure and graph which mimics your strategy construction… as u said capital is not a constraint so I let a free hand on this. Only caveat is the slippage issue which I have taken as 1%

Also I have tested this from 1st March 2020 to 28th Feb 2021… covering corona period

Here are the awesome results…

And the Google sheet to study and analyse further in case reqd…

As far as adjustments are concerned… I think once it touches any of the otm sell points… just shut the shop…:grin:


The 3 lot selling of Put away 1000 point might increase the chances of profit.

Basic idea of these 3 lot selling is to fund the buying of one lot. If we can fund that even with 2 lot of selling that is also fine.

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U are right… but bcoz this strategy gave awesome results in its plain vanilla Avatar without any intervention…so thought of not changing no. Of lots… offcourse u can tweak to bring down the margins… do forward tests for some period and share results with us if possible… :nerd_face: all the best


Trying same strategy on Wednesday-Thursday. [Expiry trade]

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