Two wheeler Electric Vehicles (EVs) are facing a major issue

This unfortunate event is not a one off. We have seen many such events were EV batteries exploded (most likely due to the extremely high temperatures)

How will the companies tackle this issue going forward needs to be seen.

As these safety related issues are something which are not gonna go away quickly, Looks like traditional two wheeler vehicles and their ancillaries are here to stay atleast in the short to medium term (12-18 months duration)


Lithium batteries need proper thermal management. Some of these companies may have gone lax with it. Regulator is not going to take these issues lightly. So this should be fixed fast as technology to do so exist already.


One more case. We are almost getting to see unfortunate incidents like this on a daily basis

This space is outperforming market from last 2 days and is expected to do better going forward.


Can they not re-locate these batteries to somewhere on top of the Front mud-guard and solve the problem

That way,

  1. The rider can visually see if the battery is on fire.

  2. The forward wind will help cool down these thermal sensitive lithium batteries.

  3. Even if it catches fire, it is in a much safer place then having it right under the rider’s a$$.


Seems like the battery was unplugged from vehicle and was being charged at home. Battery charging is an exothermic process. The charging current need to be tapered out as battery charges and cut out once fully charged. This function is done by the battery charging circuit with feedback from sensors mounted on battery itself. A problem in the battery management circuit may have pushed the battery in to thermal runaway and eventual explosion.

Also battery when unplugged from vehicle doesn’t have any active or passive cooling system around it. It shouldn’t be charged when ambient temperature is above 45C.

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If you want to learn something cool about EV battery setup in a car (Ex. Lucid Air)

Check this video out. They use active cooling to keep the batteries chill.

Most of the EV’s sold in the market in India are having tech imported from China.

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Massive development for 2 wheeler companies

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EVs use lithium batteries to function and such batteries require proper thermal management. This is where the companies are lagging behind. EVs shouldn’t be charged when the environmental temperature is beyond 40 degree celsius.

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