Ujjivan SFB IPO

Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd (“UFSL”) the Promoters of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd (“USFB”) was granted the RBI In-Principle Approval to establish a Small Finance Bank (“SFB”), on October 7, 2015. USFB was incorporated on July 4, 2016. UFSL is already listed on NSE & BSE. Fresh shares of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank approximately worth Rs. 750 crores will be issued in the public issue.

Issue summary
Net Issue size: ₹745.83 Cr – 745.95 Cr
No. of shares: 202,702,702-208,333,333
Face value: ₹ 10
Price band : ₹ 36 - 37
UFSL Shareholder Discount: ₹ 2/- per equity shares (i.e. if you held shares of the Ujjivan holding company as on 22nd November, 2019 and submit your application in the SHA category*)
Bid Lot: 400 Shares and in multiple thereof
Post Issue Implied Market Cap = ₹ 6,242 – 6,394 Cr
Merchant Bankers: Kotak Mahindra Capital, IIFL Securities, JM Financial
Issue opens on: Monday, 2nd Dec’ 2019
Issue closes on: Wednesday, 4th Dec’ 2019

Indicative Timetable
Finalization of Basis of Allotment (EOD or next day morning the exchanges notify the investors who are supposed to receive allotment): 09-12-2019
Refunds/Unblocking ASBA Fund: 10-12-2019
Credit of equity shares to DP A/c: 11-12-2019
Listing date: 12-12-2019

How to apply?

You can easily apply for this IPO using UPI. We’ve explained the process in this article:

  • P.S. In case you submit your application in the SHA category but did not hold shares of Ujjivan FSL as on 22nd November 2019, your application is liable to be rejected by the registrar.

i hold UJjivan but have pledged them and hence not in my demat. In this situation, will I be eligible to apply for the IPO through the investor quota? or Can i separately apply via both retail and Investor category?

I’m getting this error. this IPO application is still not working through zerodha

I have i applied 3.5 hrs ago still the upi madate is not showing in imobile upi section…i deleted the ipo application and resubmitted and still waiting…

IPO Backend is down the error message says when you delete the order

In case the shares are not in your demat account as on Nov 22nd, the RTA might reject your application in the Shareholder category. However, you can apply in both categories from two intermediaries. You can apply in the individual category with your broker and shareholder category with your bank or vice-versa

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Zerodha submits the application to the exchange. Once the application is successfully submitted, one will receive a mandate collect request. In case you are not able to accept the mandate request you can write to NPCI at [email protected] or to your Bank/UPI app to escalate the issue.

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There was an intermittent issue for some users which placing/modifying bids. This is fixed now. If you have not received the mandate request for your submitted applications, you could try to use a different UPI app. Generally, BHIM app has the least issues.

Client Id YF3340.Mandate request got failed after I entered upi pin but amount is locked in lien amount as I saw on net banking.How to get the amount back so that I can again place the bid

in short, Zerodha interface is still naive and should not be trusted for IPO application. Rather go old school ways to apply for IPO. Got it!!!


Hi Ishaan, the blocking of funds is done by the investor’s bank. You can write to NPCI at [email protected] or to your bank to get your amount unblocked.

The Google Pay app shows Awaiting execution whereas the Kite doesn’t show any status at all. Last time during IRCTC also I felt like UPI and Kite are a disaster for bidding in IPO.

What does awaiting execution mean in Google Play?

If you receive allotment in the IPO, your mandate will be executed and funds will be debited from your account. If you do not receive allotment, your mandate will be revoked.

Accordingly, until such date allotment is received (09-12-2019) or funds are to be released (10-12-2019), the mandate will be awaiting execution.

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I was trying to submit bid for Ujjivan Bank under Individual Shareholder quota, however, I am not receiving any request for UPI in my UPI 2.0 app for the mandate.
Since I didn’t receive a mandate request, I have deleted my application and re-submitted my bid. However the same didn’t work.

Can I submit my bid from a different Trading A/c held in the same name as my a/c with Zerodha?

I have deleted order more than 10 times and resubmitted again with icici upi and ph no upi adresses…Imobile or BHIM app are not showing mandates…I have given up applying for this IPO…Hope Zerodha improves the process…

There is a problem & Zerodha should acknowledge the issue. Have tried diff apps for UPI payment nothing seems to be working.

Sent an email to Zerodha Support but no reply as yet. @nithin

Hi Vivek, you can submit your bid using any bank account held in your name.

Could you elaborate on this query? - Can I submit my bid from a different Trading A/c held in the same name as my a/c with Zerodha?

Suppose I hold a demat & trading ac with XYZ Securities, if I bid from this ac with XYZ as shareholder, will my bid be recognized as my shareholding in Ujjivan is with Zerodha

Once the application is submitted to the exchange, the exchange forwards this to the Sponsor bank which then sends a mandate collect request to the investor. If you are constantly facing issues with the mandates, you can escalate this (with the application number and UPI ID) to NPCI at [email protected] or your bank.

I am facing an issue only with Zerodha.

I can do an ASBA appln with my other broker. However my Ujjivan holding is with Zerodha. So can I apply with my other broker under “shareholder quota”. Hope the appln doesnt get rejected as I dont hold Ujjivan in the demat ac with my other broker