UK PM Impact on Infosys

Hello everyone,

Being an Infosys investor, I wanted to know the impact of RS becoming UK PM news on Infosys. I also read about RS and got to know he’s well educated and even did good job when he was FM during Feb 2020.


No impact

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None whatsoever. I am sure the PM is not so dumb headed to do anything favoring infosys.


NRN or his daughter are not involved in Infosys anymore. They are just share holders like you and me. Politics is a place that too PM role where all small actions, nitty gritty are at limelight and scrutinize. So , I don’t think any favours to Infy will be given. So , no impact.


Nothing. Business as usual, as it is before. Anything that is done inappropriately that favors Infosys will come out and unlike here, there will be actions taken.

Maybe there could be a small rally.

I am not invested in Infosys.


Seems so far nothing is changed but maybe its worth being in a watchlist.

Maybe a small rally but i dont have high hopes

Well, this explains the wild optimism :stuck_out_tongue:


As an infy shareholder do you think they need some favors from UK government?


You got me bro :smile:

Like if they can influence a deal for Infy to win

Ya maybe getting UK back on track will be enough for our ITs to rally again.

competitor wins

There is no impact on infosys. He has become the PM for the sake of the country and not for some company.