Unable to add this Option Instrument in my Strategy

Hello @Streak

I’m unable to add the specific option contract NIFTY29DEC18000CE ie, the current weekly nifty option 18000 call strike.

I have tried multiple combinations to search for this, but not happening. needing your help in this regard.


Hello @Bobby_Axelrod1

Note that the last week’s weekly expiry contract is nothing but the monthly expiry contract for the indices options. There are no different weekly and monthly expiry contracts for the last week of the month.

As the last weekly expiry is considered as the monthly expiry itself, NIFTY29DEC18000CE and NIFTY22DEC1800CE will have the same premium. You can verify the same in the transaction details of the backtest results.

To learn how to add the contracts manually in Streak, refer to the link below:

Hope this provided clarity!!