Unable to buy at price while placing orders in intraday?


I M UNABLE TO BUY AT PRICE WHICH IS INDICATED WHILE PLACING BUYING INTRADAY ORDER . Iit got executed immidiately but price was increased and was displaying avg price .

and in case of selling opp happend , it got decreased .

Like i place an order to buy unitech 10 shares @ 5.90 ( as shown in watch window and order window as well ) , the price was unchanged but order got executed at 5.95

and in sell , i placed order to sell at 5.95 ( as price indicated on watcllist and order window )it order got executed at 5.90 /-

pls advise why this happening and help me ?


and was unable to use lmt option ,

Pls also advise, how can i buy at the indicated price ,



You can place a limit order or a market order to buy shares. Market orders will get executed at the Current Market Price(CMP). Limit orders are best price orders. For a buy limit order, you can place a buy price below CMP and the order will be executed when the limit price is reached.

If you place a limit order above the CMP, then the buy order will get executed at the market price.

You have to use the snap quote(F6)/Market Depth window while you place orders.
(In Kite, you have to left-click the stock in the market watch to get the Market Depth(D) option.)

The snap quote window will show the Best Bid and Best Ask prices.

If the quantity is available, then a sell market order will get executed at the best buyer(best bid) rate and a buy market order will get executed at the best seller(best ask) rate.

Lets take an example:

Here, the best buyer price for Crudeoil is 3353 and the best seller price for Crudeoil is 3354.

1. A buy market order will get executed at 3354.
2. A sell market order will get executed at 3353.
3. A buy limit order placed above 3354 will get executed at 3354.
4. A buy limit order placed below 3353, say 3350, will get executed when Crude Seller Price comes to 3350.

Please note that the Last Traded Price(LTP) is not the Current Market Price(CMP). You have to place your orders with information from the Snap Quote window.