Unable to change the name of the strategy

If I copy a strategy from streak and make changes to it and try to save it under a new name, it does not allow me to save it with any name of my choice, but rather as 'sample copied on…/…/2019

This becomes very confusing to understand what is being deployed.

@Streak, Please advice.


I also need to know how I can get a history of how each of my strategies performed so, I can continue to tweak and test.

After end of day, I am not able to see the history of algo trades and this does not do justice.

Hi @Joe_Chris,

Name not being editable is by design so that you know its a sample.
Now as if you mentioned, if you make edits, it better to copy the strategy after you have made your desired changes and give it some distinct name you like.
Now wanting to see a history of all you edits to the strategy, this is something we are working on and will be releasing soon (something like see history as in google docs, but is work in progress)


Please help… I am posting this query only after making honest efforts to find a solution.

No sir, I wanted a small dashboard to understand how my strategies performed historically… only then can tweaking become logical, right?

I would appreciate if you could call me or email me…

I am very appreciative of your service and commitment, just that a little help will go a long way in making the end user more oriented with its capabilities.


We have update the dev team on your requirements, it will be something the team looks at for the upcoming releases.