Unable to find right margin multipler

Because of volatility its changed today. Anyone know what is the multiplier on stocks which had x14 right now? website still shows x14 even after cookie cleaning. but it gets rejected in kite.

This is same situation with almost all brokers, the margin multiplier chart is only a rough estimate of reality.

Some brokers make an effort to update it overnight with the next days leverage, but the margin multiplier displayed on the site is never updated realtime.

So to find the exact multiplier for the day you need to do it on a trial and error method or call the trading desk.

In days of volatility, the leverage is withdrawn completely.

On EOD bais it will be updated, but considering day’s like yesterday which can be an outlier in terms of voltility, RMS changes leverages with immediate effect on terminals but that will take time to reflect on calculator. Also we have flashed message on terminals about increase in margins.