Unable to place EURUSD buy order..RMS blocked for EURUSD


Hi there fellow traders,
I’m unable to place EURUSD ( Normal not MIS) order, it gets rejected and I get the message below

I can successfully place the USDINR order without any issues.
Can anybody help me out understanding what’s the problem here and how to overcome it?
Thank you!
Note: I tried contacting Zerodha. They ask me to enter 4 digits of client id followed by ZPIN. I’m 1000% sure I’m entering it correct. Still they say sorry you have entered it wrong. That’s why posting this query here


No brokerage firm in India has the risk bearing capacity to offer two way quotes to investors. After all they also have to see on which side their daily bread is buttered.


Can create ticket here going forward , also as of now cross currency pairs are not allowed to trade with Zerodha. These should be available soon.


Is cross currency trading started at zerodha now


Got delayed but in few weeks this will be allowed.


Not yet enabled… Please confirm.